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Calvin St-Gelais.

Transmedia Developer, Creative Unicorn.

I work in the creative media industry as a “unicorn creative”, meaning I’m hired to work as a creative, as a technologist, and as a teacher, all at once:

I’m a creative.

I’m a skilled writer and content creator, I’m not afraid to get artsy, and I have the chops to take ideas beyond a solid concept and into effective execution.

I’m a technologist.

I’m a geek at heart, I’m always tinkering with new technology, and I embrace coding and marketing analytics.

I’m a teacher.

I’m a professional comms specialist, I earned my degree, won academic awards along the way, and I have digital media theory & fundamentals memorized.

Why Calvin St Consulting?

I started Calvin St Consulting so that I could share my skills & knowledge with small businesses – especially those who need an all-in-one helper to get things started in the digital media world.

I cut my teeth helping friends and family get their small businesses up and running. Now I lend my skills to anyone who needs that extra guidance in the wild world of digital creative media.

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